YBIYS Summer Institute

June 8-28, 2020

Application is now open!

The Feldenkrais for Musicians Workshop and the National Summer Cello Institute will be held in Caroga Lake, NY as part of the Caroga Arts Collective.

About the National Summer Cello Institute (NSCI): Two intensive weeks combining the principles of somatic education with varied approaches to cello mastery designed to redefine how cellists perform and teach. Participants experience an introduction to Feldenkrais with fellow musicians in the Feldenkrais For Musicians (FFM) program, and continue in private lessons, master classes and seminars dedicated to expanding
artistic freedom. 

 The purpose of our workshops is to help musicians become aware of the intimate relationship between the way that they use their body and the music that they create. The benefit of this enhanced awareness includes an increase in artistic vocabulary, in the ability to more efficiently express musical intention, in the prevention of pain and injury, and in expedient healing from current injury.

Uri and Hagit Vardi are co-founders and directors of the Feldenkrais for Musicians Workshop  and National Summer Cello Institute which is currently located in Caroga Lake, NY hosted by the Caroga Arts Collective. In addition, musicians from around the country travel to their residence in Madison, WI to benefit from their services individually.